Hoopoe - a small bird with a long narrow beak and tufted, sometimes revealed in the form of fans. Widely distributed in southern and central areas of Europe and Asia, as well as almost the whole of Africa. Preferred habitat is open country with few shrubs or trees, such as savanna, meadow or pasture. Also found in the cultivated landscape of orchards and vineyards. Gently, but not timidly - usually human and flies away with its approximation. A lot of time conducting on the ground, hunting for insects.

The only member of family udodovyh (Upupidae), Detachment raksheobraznyh. Views ornithologists of the systematic position of this species are very diverse. Some scientists consider the subspecies ordinary hoopoe as separate species, as well as provide Udodov in a separate squad udodoobraznyh (Upupiformes).

According to the World Conservation Union, a fairly abundant species. Despite the fact that the overall population of birds in recent years has declined, its dynamics are not currently allows us to consider this species as vulnerable. The World Red Book hoopoe has the status of a taxon of minimal risk.